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Expanding truth through real world testing and enthusiast contributions
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Jump on board and contribute to the growth of Audiophile Knowledge. Wether you have info or questions, the more people we have, the better it will help.

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This is where you can browse and search for T/S Specs. As members submit their test results, we will gain a larger library.

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If you have a measurement of T/S Specs you took with a DATs or similar equipment and wish to share the results for submission to the database, click here!

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Want to find some universal or Woofer Specific enclosures to try out? Click here to browse deisgns, many/most of which will include all info needed to complete the design yourself.

Wish to learn about sound, acoustics, and enclosure tuning?

What We Do Here

We Provide Extensive Driver Data for Today's Enthusiasts
We Understand How Technical the Acoustical Industry Has Gotten.

So At this Site we want to offer in depth and accurate readings from real world tests of new and used loudspeakers and subwoofers. We are a team (ever growing) of Audiophiles and Bassheads, who with your help as well, hope to build a database of specifications and tested enclosure designs for speakers and woofers that we have actually tested and recorded. We intent to actively receive data and response curves of new and broken in drivers, vehicle response curves, as well as provide un-trolled, verified truths to the world, to help the info hungry feel their mental stomachs with knowledge, so they too can learn more and come back to contribute!

  • Most companies provide new specks which average to be roughly 60% accurate. We shall load broke in tested specs.

  • There Are Too Many rule of thumb plans out there with average tuning. We shall bring tailored designs.

  • Maybe 30% of drivers come with response curves, and even then, they are tested on new speakers. We shall improve these.

  • This is the most overlooked, hardest to find, yet most important factor. We shall create a library to help those find their loading positions and resonant frequencies.

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